Frequent Questions

Weekly Running Nights

Parramatta Little Athletics is held at Barton Park, North Parramatta every Friday Evening from September through to March. Athletes are to be there at 5.45pm as events begin at 6:00pm sharp and finish once six events have been completed. These events vary in a four week rotating roster. Paramatta Little Athletics has a NO SMOKING policy. There is to be no smoking within 10m of all children’s play areas and sporting fields.

What time on Friday nights?

  • Arrive at 5.45pm for a 6pm start.
  • Tots finish at approx 7pm
  • U6 / U7 finish approx 7.30-8pm
  • U8 and up finish between 8.15pm and 9pm

What do we bring on a Friday night?

  • A water bottle with name clearly marked on it
  • A jacket or long pants for cooler nights. Athletes can wear a t-shirt or long sleeve top under their Little A’s uniform.  This allows the child’s number to be seen during an event.

Do parents have to stay at the field?

Yes.  A parent must remain at the field in case of injury or cancellation due to wet weather.

How involved do I have to be as a parent?

  • Parents are expected to sign on and help.
  • Parents can sign on to help out with the following jobs: Time keeping, Canteen, BBQ, Result Entry, Age Group Helper.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do the job, we will show you.

Can parents follow their children around?

  • We require approximately 120 parents each night to assist with officiating (starting, timekeeping, recording, BBQ etc) and managing the age groups.
  • A maximum of 4 parents will be allowed to be with each group, with the exception of the Tiny Tots and U6s, and very large age groups.

Does Little A’s run through the school holidays?

  • Little A’s runs through the October school holidays.
  • We break for 4 weeks over Christmas. Please check the calendar for these dates.

What if we have to leave early?

  • That’s OK. Find your child’s age group.
  • Tell the Age Manager you are taking your child early.

What if we are away or can’t make a Friday night?

That’s OK. You don’t need to tell anyone. See you next week.

What happens in wet weather?

We rarely cancel, except in extreme weather. In this case go to where a message will be posted if Little A’s is cancelled.

What is an Age Manager?

  • An Age Manager is a volunteer, usually a parent, not a paid coach.
  • They are in charge of guiding the age group safely through the events for the night.
  • They provide basic instruction for each event, and show other parent helpers what to do.

How do we get our child’s results?

  • For athlete results, please log in to ResultsHQ.
  • For full instructions on how to retrieve results from ResultsHQ, please click here.