PLAC follows the Little Athletics NSW Rules of Competition, which can be found here on the LANSW website.
  1. Footwear is compulsory for ALL competitors in ALL events.  Running Spikes are optional, but can only be worn by athletes in the U11 age group and above.  Spikes are not allowed for any athletes in the U6 to U10 age groups.
  2.  U11 –  U17’s may only wear spikes in events run entirely in lanes (100m, 200m and 400m), Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump. Spiked shoes must not be worn with the spikes removed in any event.
  3.  Spikes are only allowed in long distance races in the U13 and above age groups.
  4.  When spikes are used, they must be CARRIED by hand TO THE MARSHALLING AREA for that event, removed immediately the event is finished and CARRIED by hand FROM THE TRACK.
  5.  Field areas are dangerous so children MUST NOT touch equipment unless they are instructed to do so. THIS RULE MUST BE ENFORCED.
  6.  All events will be conducted under the rules of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (I.A.A.F) or as amended by the Little Athletics Association of New South Wales.
  7.  No person, adult or child, may enter the track or field area unless they have been instructed to do so as competitors or officials.
  8. An athlete who does not follow the instructions of officials or age managers will be excluded from competing in further events on that running night. Subsequent misbehaviour will be dealt with by the Committee. All of our officials are volunteers.

Registration fees are charged at the commencement of each season. Registration fees cover payments made to Little Athletics NSW for registration and insurance of athletes and officials, as well as to Parramatta City Council for use and maintenance of the ground. Registration fees also cover the provision of equipment, trophies and awards and all carnival entry fees with the exception of Gala Days. A child who is not registered is not allowed to compete or attend training as they are not covered by the appropriate insurances.

The centre uniform can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. The registration number is to be sewn or pinned on the FRONT of the singlet/crop top. The red line around the number MUST be visible. The Age group number is to be attached on the front LEFT hand side of the T-shirt or shorts. Every child MUST compete in correct uniform with registration number and age patch every week.

Skins or other branded compression bike pants will be permitted to be worn under uniform shorts for both male and female athletes. This rule will only apply when they are worn as undergarments. Existing rules would apply when shorts are not worn over the top.  ie females must also wear shorts if wearing skins or other branded compression bike pants which are not official uniform.

There is a canteen which operates from 6pm each Friday evening. The canteen provides a BBQ and a wide range of refreshments. Proceeds from canteen sales are used to invest in updating our equipment. Volunteers are required from 5.45pm to 9pm.

Various coaching opportunities are available for PLAC members. Athletes can learn the fundamentals of athletics and increase their level of fitness by attending these coaching sessions. Click here to view the coaching options available.

It is important that our Friday competition nights are as enjoyable and as well run as possible for your children. For this to happen, we need your help. There are a variety of ways in which you can assist each night run smoothly. We ask that parents assist at least once every three weeks.

As part of the Member Protection Policy EVERY CHILD MUST HAVE A PARENT/GUARDIAN PRESENT AT BARTON PARK AT ALL TIMESThis is not the sport for you or your child if you do not wish to or cannot comply with this policy.

Parents are required to report to the Age Manager or Information Desk when they arrive to offer their assistance during the evening’s program. No person is allowed inside the fence unless they have signed on and have an official duty. Only those nominated officials may accompany the age groups on Friday.

The first event will commence at 6pm sharp. When events finish depends entirely upon the parental assistance received each week. Whilst we are only too aware of how difficult it is to find time to help, we are asking you to arrange the time, as one of the main purposes of Little Athletics, is for families to enjoy a night together.

All children are invited to attend presentation night at the end of the season. Every athlete is presented with an achievement medal – either Gold, Silver or Bronze, based on attendance and the number of Personal Best performances during the season. The following club awards are also presented, the Champion and runners up trophies based on the total State Multi points for an athlete’s best season performance in each event (except javelin, walks and 3000m) providing 60% of eligible running nights are attended.

  • Age Champion Trophy U6 – U17
  • Runner Up (2nd place) Trophy U6 – U17
  • 2nd Runner Up (3rd place) U6 – U17
  • Encouragement Trophy U6 – U13
  • State Trophy U9 – U17 Awarded to all State competitors
  • Region Trophy U8 – U17 Awarded to all Region competitors
  • Zone Trophy U7 – U17 Awarded to all Zone competitors
  • Perpetual trophies will be awarded for each athletic discipline