Zone Championships



8-9 DECEMBER 2018

PLAC ZONE ENTRIES:  Click here for the final entries for Parramatta.

PROGRAM: Click here for the event times for the North Metropolitan Zone Carnival. The full program for the carnival can be found here.

PARENT HELPER SIGN UP: Parents of athletes are required to assist with one duty per athlete over the weekend. Please sign up using the following link:!/showSignUp/20f0f4aaea82fa4f49-20172

Please check that you are aware of the timing of your child’s events. There are heats and finals programmed for all track events (except 400m), however if an event only has enough athletes for a single race then a straight final will be run at the time of the scheduled heat. Whilst there are 800m heats and Finals in the program, traditionally the 800m are straight finals (this will be decided on the day).

Please note that the times given are ‘not before times’ they are not competing times.

The first Marshalling call for field events will be at 8.10am on both days and athletes will proceed directly to their first field event to Marshall at the competition area.

The first Marshalling call on the Track event on both days will be 8.15am for both the circular and straight tracks.

Please check the times of your child’s events carefully on the zone program.  Field events are listed with a “Not Before Time”.  This means that the event will not commence before that time, however it is likely to be marshalled in order to start at the “Not Before Time”.  Track times are given down the side of the Track events – and the track usually runs to schedule.  The only time in recent years that we have been late at a zone carnival was a thunder storm delay.

Ensure you arrive 1 hour before your event, this will enable you to find parking, check in, set up your chairs etc and not be stressed.  Your athlete will also have plenty of time to warm up prior to being marshalled.

Footwear is compulsory for all athletes in all events.  For safety reasons Spike shoes are only to be worn during events and must be removed before proceeding to another event.

Spike shoes may not be worn for athletes in the Under 7, Under 8 and Under 9  age groups.

Spike shoes may only be worn in track event run entirely in lanes for Under 10, Under 11 and Under 12 age groups.

For age groups between Under 13 and Under 17, spike shoes can be worn in all track events (except walks).

Spike shoes may also be worn in Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump and Javelin where applicable in Under 10 to Under 17 age groups.

A Maximum 12mm Grass spike may be used at Barton Park.

Please check in at your club’s tent, so we know your child has arrived and that you have confirmed for your rostered duty.

There will be marshalling calls throughout the day on the loud speaker system.  It is the parent’s responsibility to warm up their children and to ensure athletes go to marshalling on time.  If an athlete does not turn up for their event at marshalling, it runs without them and they miss out.

We would like to remind all parents / caregivers that we do require all children to  be accompanied by an adult at the carnival. On arrival at the zone Carnival we would like to ask that one parent / caregiver sign in with their club and check that we have the correct contact details for the attending adult on the day in case of emergencies or any other need to contact you.

As the North Metropolitan Carnival is run entirely using volunteers, each club has been allocated a number of jobs.

Please sign up for your duties with your club to ensure the smooth running of the zone carnival.

Parents of Parramatta athletes are asked to sign up using the following link:!/showSignUp/20f0f4aaea82fa4f49-20172

Results from all the track events are posted on the amenities block, by the canteen. Please check these lists to see if you are in a final.

Under 7 Athletes who place in the top three in any Final, will receive a medal in a special medal presentation.  You are welcome to take photos of the athletes on the dias.

All athletes will receive a certificate detailing all their zone results early in the new year.  Athletes from Under 8 to Under 17 who place in the top 6 in their Finals will qualify for Region Championships. Additionally following the completion of the North East Zone carnival, athletes who are the next best 4 athletes from either zone will achieve qualification to the region carnival.  Athletes must be in the final to be a subsequent qualifier.  All field events are straight finals.  Pack starts, 800, 1500 and 3000 are also straight finals.  Therefore if you finished 7th or 8th it is likely you will be an additional qualifier to Region and will be notified in early February by your Team Manager.

The first 3 relay teams will achieve qualification to region.

At the carnival there will be the following:

1.  Canteen

2.  BBQ

3.  Coffee Van

4.  Sno Cone Machine

5.  First Aid

1. Full Centre uniform – shirt with age patch, Coles patch, individual number visible on the front.  See your team manager if you do not have all these patches.

2. Hat, sunscreen and plenty of drinks.  It is a very hot weekend traditionally.  If your child has a field event, pack a backpack that can be taken on the field with these items in it.

3.  Make sure you have the right shoes.   It is nearly impossible to loan shoes and athletes may not compete barefoot in any event.

4.  Food

5.  Something to sit on – there is no grandstand, so your own chairs, or groundsheet and possibly shade.  Sit in your club area to form a cheer squad for other athletes in your club.

6. Spray bottles and towels are also a good idea.

Barton Park is a grass track, so may be affected by heavy rain.  Any wet weather notification will be placed on the  Parramatta Little Athletics web site . However if there is no website notice, all athletes should arrive at the carnival despite the weather and wait for a decision to be made, and this may involve a delayed start. In the event of wet weather please bring plenty of wet weather gear as the carnival is likely to proceed despite wet conditions.  Barton Park has lights and so if the carnival is delayed it will proceed until finished in the evening.

If you know you cannot attend Region, please notify your team manager by the end of the zone carnival.  This may allow another athlete to compete.  Your team manager will fill in the notification and forward it to the Zone Committee.